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Nurturing SELF-DIRECTED Learners


  1. Maps created and contributed by Ethan Cheong Hoi Ian (P6 Sunday 2pm Class -2020 batch)

  2. Article write-up by Vitamindz Education



A self-directed learner is one who is independent and responsible for his/her own learning and does not need any reminders, nagging, use of coercion or rewards to drive him/her.

At Vitamindz Education, this is what we constantly strive to achieve; To excite, engage and inspire the learning of science such that our students can eventually become self-directed learners.

And we are proud that one of our P6 students, Ethan Cheong Hoi Ian, amongst many others at our centre, is one of them. Not only did he create his own concept maps for better visualisation and understanding of important scientific concepts and phrases, he selflessly asked Vitamindz Education to upload these maps to our BLOG so that many others can benefit.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Ethan Cheong for his generosity and also to encourage all our students to embrace this culture of sharing and learning from one another.

Students like Ethan Cheong Hoi Ian and many of you at our centre is what makes Vitamindz Education a FUN place to learn, study and work! Thank you!

(NOTE: The Maps attached below are Ethan's original works. No editing or changes are made by Vitamindz Education)

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