‘Bridge-the-Gap' Workshop

[Conducted during PSLE marking days]

  • Reinforce important scientific concepts, terms and phrases for challenging P3-P5 topics

  • Hone answering techniques in open-ended section using Vitamindz™ unique tools

  • Expose students to more ‘trending’ questions prevalent in SA2 papers across schools

‘Acing Scientific Processes in PSLE Science' Workshop

[Conducted during the school holidays in Nov/Dec]

  • Expose students to PSLE-style questions testing on scientific processes now prevalent in PSLE science examination.
  • Sharpen student’s skills in answering PSLE-style questions testing on the following scientific processes:
      • Hypothesis
      • Aim
      • Accuracy
      • Fair-test
      • Control
      • Reliability
      • Relationship
      • Conclusion