With the removal of mid-year examinations in all government schools from 2023, there is a real concern that students may not be able to cope with the demands of a year-end examination science paper. Time management and/or the stamina required to complete the paper is/are of utmost importance.

Though schools have planned for more weighted assessments (WA) prior to the year-end examination, each WA assesses students only on selected science topics. The total number of questions in each WA is fewer and the time stipulated to complete these WA is also shorter.

WA thus may not provide a thorough assessment of a student’s competency in his/her mastery of primary science. If a student only relies on the year-end examination for performance review, steps needed to remediate his/her area(s) of weakness(es) may be too late.

  • Expose your child to PSLE-style examination science paper administered in examination settings.

  • Answer Key and Summary of candidate’s performance based on topics tested will be provided.

  • Provide a golden opportunity for your child to check his/her progress in science.

  • Condition your child to complete his/her paper within stipulated time.

  • Questions in this assessment are set by ex-MOE teachers with experience in marking PSLE Science papers.

  • All questions set are in line with the latest PSLE trends and syllabus.