Mastering MCQ Methods
‘M3' Workshop

[Conducted during term time]
Note: Due to overwhelming response, we have decided to start another run. You may refer to our synopsis for the dates on the 6 sessions of this new run. Kindly contact us for more information.
  • Be exposed to the different types of concept-testing and skill-based Multiple
    Choice Questions (MCQs) prevalent in PSLE

  • Learn useful ‘STEPs’ to tackle these questions

  • Master useful tools/methods to increase the chance of achieving full marks for MCQ section

‘ACE your PSLE Science [Part 2]'

[Conducted during the school holidays in May/Jun] HIGHLIGHTS
    • This is the second of a 2-part workshop to prepare your child to ace PSLE Science. [Note: Part 1 of the workshop has been conducted during the Nov/Dec holidays when your child was in P5. If your child misses part 1, you can still sign up for Part 2 of this workshop]
    • In this second part of the workshop, students will be exposed to the latest PSLE-style questions from the TOP 10 UPPER BLOCK [P5/P6] TOPICS with the heaviest weightage based on the past 5 years PSLE papers.
    • Revisit important scientific concepts of the top 10 Upper Block [P5/6] topics tested in PSLE through the use of Vitamindz ‘C.U.P. to Success’ series and ‘Make-it-Right’ series
    • Master Vitamindz™ unique tools and strategies to answer latest PSLE-style questions testing important scientific concepts, processes and skills for these PSLE TOP 10 UPPER BLOCK [P5/P6] TOPICS.

‘Check-In' Workshop

[Conducted during the term break in Sep]


  • Revisit the 5 important domains in PSLE Science
  • Get tips on how to ace the PSLE Science paper