1. Hybrid Educational Game and Collectible Cards

Finding difficulties in reinforcing and retaining important primary science facts? Fret not! Get our game cards NOW!

Currently available in 6 titles:

Lower Block
  • Materials
  • Matter (NEW)
  • Upper Block
  • Reproduction in Plants (NEW)
  • Water Cycle
  • Energy Conversion (NEW)
  • Forces
  • [Note: More titles coming soon…]

    questor cards (per box price)

    Download instructions on how to play our cards.

    Click on the images below to watch how the cards may be played.

    2. Assessment Booklets
    [Newton and Einstein Series]

    Brand NEW series in line with the latest PSLE science syllabus. Exclusive for school adoption only.


    Science Assessment Booklets [Newton and Einstein Series]

    This is a series written exclusively for school adoption and use only. This series is adopted by more than 40 government primary schools in Singapore.