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It has come to our attention of late that a science tuition centre in Singapore has claimed that it is a branch of Vitamindz Education and that materials used there are the same.

This false claim has seriously misled the public and

Vitamindz takes this matter very seriously.


We will not hesitate to take legal action against any centres for misrepresentation of facts.

Vitamindz™ is founded only by Esmund Chua and David Lim and all materials and resources are created by them.


There is ONLY ONE Vitamindz Education centre in Singapore and we are located at Parkway Parade.

We do not have any affiliation, partnership and/or association with any other centres or companies in Singapore.

Please help us share this information. Your kind assistance is deeply appreciated. 


Our heartiest congratulations to all our 2018 P6 students for the

stellar performance in this year PSLE!


This year, we have reaped yet another year of bountiful harvest of students attaining A*!


We are also proud to announce that 98.1% of our students attained A and A* for PSLE Science.


Vitamindz could not have achieved such success without the tight and close-knitted tripartite relationship amongst us, our dearest parents and our outstanding students.


Credit goes to all our 2018 P6 students for their hard work and unwavering determination to excel and also to all our parents who have consistently placed their faith and trust in us.

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