Being ‘GREAT at STUDY’

Vitamindz Education

How many times have you spent hours mugging and digging deep into your books, worksheets and doing tons of practice papers only to realise that results gotten back do not correspond with the efforts you have expended?

You look at your friends around you. Everyone seems to be talking about this one or two classmates in your class; they do not seem to spend a lot of time doing work or revising, but somehow, they can consistently achieve astounding results during examinations.

Does the above situation ring a bell? Do not be mistaken. We are not running down or discounting the virtue of ‘hard work’. The fact remains that hard work alone cannot be the deciding factor for achieving breakthroughs in studies.

In this era where change is the only constant and where science questions are ever evolving and changing, we need more than sheer determination and hard work when we are studying to achieve the desired outcomes we want.

Techniques like VitamindzTM REM’ (Reverse Engineering Method) and VitamindzTM 8-Steps to Revising Science are just some ways in which students can learn to work smarter in today’s era to complement their hard work for synergistic results to be attained and breakthroughs in science results to be seen.

At VitamindzTM Education, we have developed a very STRUCTURED APPROACH to the learning and mastery of primary science based on our years of research studies and countless opportunities working with schools, teachers, parents and students in the area of science.

It is also at VitamindzTM Education where we share with you and your child this ‘STEP-BY-STEP’ approach to the mastery of science.

The journey to success is never easy. However, with our VitamindzTM Education proven approaches and unique techniques, we will continue to work in close partnership with you and your child towards excellence in primary science.


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