• Revisit the core concepts of challenging topics in P3 to P5 through the use of Vitamindz™ ‘C.U.P.-to-Success’ series and Make-It-Right’ series

  • Get more exposure to PSLE-style questions

  • Learn and hone Vitamindz™ unique approaches and techniques to answer open-ended questions

‘Check-In' Workshop

  • Revisit the 5 important domains in PSLE Science

  • Get tips on how to ace the PSLE Science paper

Mastering MCQ Methods
‘M3' Workshop

  • Be exposed to the different types of concept-testing and skill-based Multiple
    Choice Questions (MCQs) prevalent in PSLE

  • Learn useful ‘STEPs’ to tackle these questions

  • Master useful tools/methods to increase the chance of achieving full marks for MCQ section