Precise and Concise
(P3/4) Science Guidebook

Precise and Concise is a handy primary science guidebook that serves as a useful and important resource for students who want to do a quick revision in preparation for their examinations​.

The science content is presented in a manner that is easy for students to understand. Knowledge and concepts covered fulfills the requirements of the MOE syllabus​.

To excite students, every topic starts with creative and engaging infographics that have relevant science concepts infused to allow students to see the connection between what they have learnt and their everyday lives.

(Science Guidebook will be made available for sale soon!)

This series is not for sale to the public.

Einstein Series

Newton Series

Vitamindz™ Science
Assessment Series
(Newton and Einstein Series)

Local Market:

This is a series written exclusively for school adoption and use only. This series is adopted by more than 40 government primary schools in Singapore.

This series is not for sale to the public.

Science SMART Textbook and
Workbook Series

International Market:

This series is adopted by schools in more than 20 countries.