More Exam Papers done, Better Science Results? MYTH or TRUTH

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In recent years, we witness an increasing number of students struggling with the learning and mastery of primary science.

In a bid to achieve improvements and breakthroughs in results, there are two main groups of students who would attempt to do one or both of the following:


It is quite alarming to know that majority of students are still revising science by adopting the Mathematics approach; doing as many sets of school examination papers as possible.

The old age adage ‘Practice makes perfect’ should be exercised with care and wisdom. Rushing to do many sets of top school papers prior to examination will BACKFIRE where students end up perfecting ‘English Comprehension Techniques’ and ‘Creative Writing Skills’, leading to a zero-sum game where there is NO BREAKTHROUGH in RESULTS!


Then there is this second group of students who may be given a stack of ‘MODEL’ ANSWERS and then asked to MEMORISE them. They are somehow convinced that the questions to the answers they had memorised will reappear again during their examination!

In fact, our research works over the years have shown that students who memorised answers do NOT develop critical thinking skills; a skill set that is vital to achieving excellent results in PSLE Science.

In today’s context where questioning styles in science papers are EVER-CHANGING and where questions are set based on DAILY HAPPENINGS and NATURAL PHENOMENON AROUND US, ‘Exam-smart’ techniques like ‘MEMORISING of Model Answers’ NO LONGER WORKS!

At VitamindzTM Education, we have developed a very STRUCTURED APPROACH to the learning and mastery of primary science based on our years of research studies and countless opportunities working with schools, teachers, parents and students in the area of science.

It is also at VitamindzTM Education where we share with you and your child this ‘STEP-BY-STEP’ approach to the mastery of science.

The journey to success is never easy. However, with our VitamindzTM Education proven approaches and unique techniques, we will continue to work in close partnership with you and your child towards excellence in primary science.


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