Malaysian caught smuggling live bird

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A live bird was found inside a potato chip tube that was hidden in a car. The bird was smuggled into Singapore via the Woodlands Checkpoint.

A live bird (above) was found inside a potato chip tube that was hidden in the glove compartment of a Malaysian-registered car.PHOTOS: ICA/FACEBOOK

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Introducing live animals into any country may bring new bacteria or diseases that may harm organisms in the community. If this specie is invasive in nature and there are no predators to hunt them, many of the other native organisms in the community may be killed, causing them to become endangered.

(Note: You may want to read the article below for more information on ‘Invasive Species’)

STEM APPLICATION: Technology may be tapped on in the near future to help in controlling the population of invasive species in a community that nature has failed to do so.

(Note: Here’s an article on the possible use of robots to control invasive species


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